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    Belt Conveyor

    Conveyor Belt
    Belt Conveyors
    Bulk Conveyor
    Features & Benefits

    Standard and Bespoke belt conveying solutions for bulk materials handling applications around the world


    The diversity of bulk products, their conditions, and the environments they are handled in, have always been challenges to the conveyor industry. Robson has met those challenges and in doing so has earned a reputation as a global market leader. With conveyor products and solutions of exceptional design, quality, capability, and environmental and safety compliance, our satisfied customers include major blue-chip companies around the world.

    Quality build and components

    The components we use such as drive motors, gear boxes, rollers, scrapers, sensors etc associated with our belt conveyors, are always sourced from recognised major global brands, and we always maintain a flexibility to accommodate our customer’s requirements for specific brands.

    Exceptional Capabilities

    Robson can offer ultra-high-capacity trough belt conveyors, with belt widths up to 2000mm, and capacities in excess of 3400 TPH. We can take on project applications for bespoke solutions which few others can handle, but we can also offer standard, modular conveyor solutions as required.

    Flexibility in Materials Types

    Amongst a huge variety of products from many different industries, Robson belt conveyors have been used to convey products such as: Sugar, Cement, Aggregates, Batch Glass, Environmental Waste, Alternative Fuels, Biomass, Worn Tyres, Cement, Clinker, Chalk, Flint, Slate, Limestone, Sandstone, Granite, Gypsum, Glass Cullet, Sand, Effluent Sludge Cake, Rubble, Food Stuffs, Animal Feeds and Grain

    ATEX Rating

    Troughed and Flat Belt Conveyors are available, ATEX rated for use in explosive atmospheres and flammable dusts.

    ATEX Classification zones exist for explosive hazards like dust and fibres: -

    • Zone 20 - indicates areas where explosive atmospheres containing a cloud of combustible dust will occur frequently or for extended periods.

    • Zone 21 - indicates areas where explosive atmospheres containing a cloud of combustible dust will occur sometimes, but not extensively.

    • Zone 22 - indicates areas where explosive atmospheres containing a cloud of combustible dust will occur infrequently or for short durations.

    Conveyor Optional Add-ons

    Weatherproof covered conveyorsEnclosed gantriesProduct weighingTramp metal detection and removalMaterial SamplingInclined or declinedTroughed & Flat Belt ConveyorsSide-walled Belt Conveyors

    Size Belt width: Up to 2m | Length: 500m +
    Max Incline Maximum 20º
    Capacity > 3,000 TPH
    Drive Shaft mounted helical bevel | Geared motor unit
    Bearings Plummer block bearing | Flanged bearings
    Belt Options Antistatic| Fire resistant | Food safe | Oil resistant | Hard wearing
    Tension Unit Below 50m - tail tension unit | Above 50m - gravity tension unit
    Sensors Speed switch | Temperature sensors | Vibration Sensors
    Optional Sensors Blockage sensor | Flame sensor
    Construction Materials Conveyor case and internals - stainless or coated mild steel | Conveyor support structure -
    galvanised mild steel
    Explosion / Fire Protection Suppression units | Explosion vent panels | Deluge systems | Flame and heat sensors
    Conveyed Materials Wet or dry bulky materials in the form of crumbs, grains, pellets, shreds, dust, powder, flake, or
    crushed products of bio-matter, sludge and aggregate
    ATEX Zone 20 internally - Zone 21/22 externally

    Features and Benefits

    Lower Maintenance Cost
    Key components externally mounted.
    Ease of access, significantly reducing costly downtime.
    Increased Safety
    Minimal external moving parts. Available ATEX certified. Skirts fitted at the infeed. Hood at the head section. Fully guarded.
    Reduction of risks associated with potentially explosive dust atmospheres. CE marked for safety.
    Guaranteed Quality
    Over 100 years’ application experience. Manufactured by highly skilled technicians and welders.
    Increased reliability and durability, with reduced maintenance costs.
    Optimum Performance
    Optional self-aligning idlers and belt tracking switches.
    Minimises spillages. Prevents wear and contamination.
    Standard Design, Tailored Solutions
    FDA approved belts. ATEX certified equipment.
    Compliant solution and traceability.
    Aftermarket Support
    Call out support, 24 hour help line, maintenance support, refurbishment service and spare part inventory.
    Increased product life and avoidance of costly downtime, equating to long-term cost savings.