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    Features & Benefits

    Designed to guide pre-selected bags from the main carrying conveyor to an alternative route, rigidly constructed and mounted.

    The Robson Plough Diverter is used at most national and international airports to divert bags from the main carrying conveyor either to an alternative direction or to reject to level 3 inspection. Automatically deployed the plough blocks the way of the travelling bag and with the rotating grip face belt on the plough the bag is gently sweep to the desired direction.

    The plough's design is to guide pre-selected bags from the main carrying conveyor to an alternative conveyor at a maximum rate of 20 bags per minute. Rigidly constructed and mounted to withstand impact from a maximum specified single bag weight.

    The plough is post and frame mounted fitted with both thrust and pivot bearings providing a robust and reliable mechanism for diverting luggage.

    A geared motor unit via the pivoting mechanism, deploys the plough. All guarded to the latest British and European Standards.

    The plough conveyor is of pressed slider bed construction from 2.5mm thick mild steel plate. Grip face conveyor belt, vulcanised endless will run around terminal pulleys comprising of a head pulley with integral roller bearings running on a dead shaft and a tail pulley running in self aligning bearings keyed to a shaft, complete with shaft mounted geared motor unit.

    The conveyor belt speed will be variable to cater for both the home and deployed position.

    Foot Print

    2500mm x 1000mm


    Mild Steel


    Galvanised / Powder Coated to Customers Specified RAL


    25 BPM

    Blade Length



    Endless Belt 350 Wide Fitted With K10 Profile Chiorino 50 Belting


    Geared Motor Unit 0.75kW

    Emergency Control

    Estops - Interlocks - Restricted Access Guards

    Features and Benefits

    Lower Maintenance Cost
    Simple, modular and durable design.
    Significant savings in relation to spare part inventory, ease of maintenance and costly downtime.
    Increased Safety
    Guarded to prevent access to moving parts.
    Increased operator safety.
    Guaranteed Quality
    Decades of airport experience. Manufactured by highly skilled engineers.
    Durability and longevity of equipment, equating to lower maintenance costs.
    Innovatively Designed Layout Solutions
    Design of dynamic, efficient baggage handling systems for compact and complex spaces.
    Delivering solutions within budget, hand in hand with increased airport efficiency.
    Reduced Lead-Time
    Flexibility and responsiveness to meet tight project deadlines.
    Minimum disruption to ongoing airport operations.
    Aftermarket Support
    Call out support, 24 hour help line, maintenance support, refurbishment service and spare part inventory.
    Increased product life and avoidance of costly downtime, equating to long-term cost savings.