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    Baggage Conveyor

    Features & Benefits

    Ultimate for speed, reliability and efficiency, with a range of conveying products to meet the needs of the most challenging of sites and surroundings.

    Robson Handling Technology Baggage Handling Conveyors are constructed from pressed slider bed using mild steel plate. The conveyor casings are jig built to ensure conveyor sections are square and interchangeable.

    The conveyor tension gear is guarded with painted mild steel plate guards or mesh. All nip points are fitted with painted punched mild steel plate guards.

    The conveyors are driven by shaft mounted geared motor units complete with torque arm fixings.

    The conveyor belting is flame retardant in accordance with ISO 340.

    All drive frames, joint flanges and equipment fixings are fabricated from rolled mild steel flat and pressed sections.

    All conveyors are supplied with conveyor belts suitable for factory or site vulcanising.

    Punched mild steel plate to the underside of conveyors (where required) will be hinged on one side and fitted with budget locking devices or mesh under guard.

    Standard Airport Conveyor Products include: Collector Conveyors Injection Conveyors Receiving Conveyors Queue Conveyors Extended Queue Conveyors Standard Conveyors.








    5000mm - 16000mm

    1200mm - 2500mm

    1200mm - 1500mm

    1200mm - 5000mm


    0.3m/S > 1.6m/S

    0.3m/S > 1.6m/S

    0.3m/S > 1.6m/S

    0.3m/S > 1.6m/S

    Max Bag Size & Weight

    1000x750x450mm - 50kg

    Conveyor Drive

    Permament Magnet Motor - Geared Motor Unit


    Mild Steel - Stainless Steel



    Mild Steel: Galvanised/Powder Coated to customer specified Ral.
    Stainless Steel: Natural

    Belt Specification

    Anti Static, Flame Retardant - Grip / Smooth / Low friction




    Photo Electric Cells - Rotation Sensor

    Emergency Control

    Estops - Pullwires - Light Curtain - Interlocks - Hand Safes - Restricted Access Guards


    Features and Benefits

    Lower Maintenance Cost
    Modular and durable design.
    Significant savings in relation to spare part inventory requirements and costly downtime.
    Increased Safety
    Guarded to prevent access to moving parts.
    Increased operator safety.
    Guaranteed Quality
    Decades of airport experience. Manufactured by highly skilled engineers.
    Durability and longevity of equipment, equating to lower maintenance costs.
    Innovatively Designed Layout Solutions
    Design of dynamic, efficient baggage handling systems for compact and complex spaces.
    Delivering solutions within budget, hand in hand with increased Airport efficiency.
    Reduced Lead-Time
    Flexibility and responsiveness to meet tight project deadlines.
    Minimum disruption to on going airport operations.
    Aftermarket Support
    Call out support, 24 hour help line, maintenance support, refurbishment service and spare part inventory.
    Increased product life and avoidance of costly downtime, equating to long-term cost savings.