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    Industries - Providing Conveyors & Systems for multi Industries

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    Robson Handling Technology represents more than a conveyor manufacturer, providing end-to-end handling solutions and conveyor systems / conveyor products for all industries

    Operating from its headquarters in Sheffield, Robson has a comprehensive portfolio of high quality conveying products. Delivering everything to suit the client's needs, from single products to full conveyor systems and solutions. With a wealth of experience through a diverse range of industries; including baggage handling systems and conveyors for airports and material handling systems / conveyors for a multitude of bulk industries. 

    Systems incorporating:

    Belt Conveyors / Diverters / Carousels / Screw Conveyors / Airglide Conveyors / Tough belt conveyors / Roller Conveyors / Elevators / Installation / Controls / SCADA / HMI / ATEX IECEx / Aftercare / Service / Spares

    All tailored to suit your requirements